This Wiki

This is a Webware for Python Wiki written by Ian Bicking.


This wiki uses ReStructuredText for its markup. Restructured text is intended as a general-purpose markup for creating documents, with specific emphasis on documenting programming. As such it is the perfect fit for this site. ReStructuredText is also used by several other projects, so if you learn how to use it for this wiki you can transfer that knowledge other places.

To learn how to use ReStructuredText, you may wish to look at the Quick Reference

Note that WikiNames are not used in this software! Instead a _ must be appended to a name to make it into a link, and use:

`Long wiki name`_

for multi-word names. All names are made lower-case and spaces are replaced with hyphens (i.e., the link is to the page long-wiki-name.html).

To play around with the markup to this wiki feel free to use the Wiki Sandbox.

External Editor

If you don't want to use textarea editing (which is no fun), this site uses External Editor to allow text to be edited with a standard text editor. The Zope Product aspect is not required (the equivalent is already built into this wiki), but the "helper application" is used to hook into the editor. This is the application. To invoke the editor once you have set up the client, click the pen image (penimage). This is highly recommended -- client installation is easy, available for multiple platforms, and the editing experience is far superior.

If you are using a browser in the Mozilla family (Mozilla, Firefox,...) you can also use the cool Mozex extension, which lets you configure your favourite text editor (Emacs, Vim, Notepad,...) for textareas.


For editing HTML pages directly in WYSIWYG fashion, this wiki uses Xinha. This should work out of the box with all modern web browsers supporting Javascript. You will even get a special button for Wiki internal links.

Other Notes

Updates to this site are published to a New Pages and a Recent Changes RSS feed, which you can subscribe to in order to receive updates.

Acquiring the Wiki

This wiki was written specifically for the Webware for Python web site, though in most ways it is a general-purpose wiki. Of course, it runs on Webware and Python.

You can download the source code for this Wiki here or check out the latest version from the GitHub repository with

$ git clone

Then follow the installation instructions in INSTALL.txt.

See also: Wiki Features, Wiki ToDo, and Wiki Bugs.