Tue Dec 27, 2016
6 minute read

Python and the 36 Towers

This year my brother’s family sent us a puzzle in their Christmas package, mentioning that they already solved it and we should give it a try over the Christmas holidays, too. The puzzle is called “36 Cube” and looks like this:

36 Cube

The “36 Cube” consists of a board with a 6x6 grid of tower stubs and 36 towers in 6 different heights and colors which need to be stacked on the stubs so that they all have the same height, forming a cube like in the picture. Also, no two towers of the same color may appear in the same row or column - similar to a Sudoku puzzle.

The puzzle looked tricky already, but it turned out it was even trickier than I first thought.

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Sat Dec 24, 2016
8 minute read

The new f-strings in Python 3.6

Benchmark results

Hurray! It’s Christmas time - and Python 3.6 has been released!

One of the many goodies packed into the new release are formatted string literals, or simply called “f-strings”. In this blog post I’ll explain why this is good news.

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Fri Dec 23, 2016
4 minute read

Pinboard - Social Bookmarking for Introverts


Here is a short review of the Pinboard bookmarking service that I’m using for several years now.

Every web browser has a built-in bookmark manager, usually opened with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B. Modern browsers also allow syncing your bookmarks to the could, so that you can share your bookmarks for instance between your home desktop and your tablet or office computer. So why are online bookmark managers like Pinboard still interesting? Why would you even want to pay for them?

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