Thu Dec 22, 2016
2 minute read

Welcome to my Blog


It’s this time of the year again, and I decided to use some of the cold and long winter evenings to finally start blogging.

It is a crazy time in which we are living. So many exciting developments, opportunities and scientific discoveries, so much technological progress. But on the other hand, so many negative developments in politics and society, so many horrible news. The last years already had been scary, and this year was even scarier. So much hatred and terror and war. And while technology could help solve many problems of mankind, it starts becoming scary in its own way, particularly the recent progress in AI.

We are facing difficult new ethical questions and disruptive developments and divisions like never before. I believe education, communication and reflection are crucial in making the world sane again. Blogging can be a part of this. So my new year’s resolution is to start sharing my 2 cents with you on this blog.

For now there will be no comment section on my blog since I fear it might become another distraction and waste of time fighting spam. However, I greatly appreciate any personal feedback. Please use the buttons on the top to get in touch with me or learn more about me and my areas of interest.