Author: Christoph Zwerschke

About me

A few words about me: I’m Christoph Zwerschke, a software developer and programming enthusiast currently living in the lovely Odenwald mountains in Germany with my lovely family.

Besides programming, I’ve been fascinated with Mathematics (which I studied at Heidelberg University and finished with a diploma), Physics (my minor subject at the university), Astronomy, Electronics, Music (as an amateur piano player) and to some extend also explored Philosophy and Theology.

I had the privilege to raise up in the time of the early home computers like the KIM-1, ZX81, Apple II, C64 and Atari ST, which woke up my early fascination with programming (at that time mainly in Assembler, Basic, Pascal and C), which never really left me and was later resurrected when falling in love with the Python programming language. I’ve also a lot of experience with relational databases and classic backend web applications, but am currently more into frontend web development, and also interested in data science and artificial intelligence.

Some more things I love are good literature, German beer, Italian wine and hiking in the Carpathian mountains.

Blog: Seasoned & Agile

About this blog

Blogs and podcasts are forms of Internet media I started to appreciate since many years (particularly the combination of hiking and listening to Podcasts), but so far only as a consumer - believing I won’t find enough time to write or won’t be able to come up with relevant thoughts to share. But really, as Scott Hanselman says “Every developer should have a blog” - for good reasons, so as a good developer and netizen I finally started my own blog. And who knows, maybe some day I’ll also start my own podcast.

As you can already assume from the list of computers above, I’m a seasoned greybeard developer with profound knowledge of robust computer technology. On the other hand, I’m also always interested in the newest trends in computer technology and developing in an agile way. When Kent Beck wrote his book about “Extreme Programming”, it immediately made total sense to me. This blog is an attempt to share some programming knowledge I’ve accumulated over time and my experiences learning new technologies.

You can expect articles on Python programming, frontend web programming, experiments with artificial intelligence, mathematics, robotics and future technology in general, software tools, maybe some life and productivity hacks and random thoughts.

Occasionally I’ll also use this blog to share more philosophical thoughts and comments on politics and developments of society and mankind. The current societal trends, the rise of populists, autocrats, post-fact politics, anti-science, hate speech, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, islamophobia and antisemitism, conspiracy theories and irrationality in general bother me very much, and I think everybody with a sane mind should speak up to bring more sanity to the world and the Internet.

You can use the tagging system to subscribe to only certain topics if you’re not interested in all of my ramblings.