Wed Feb 1, 2017
16 minute read

Web Extensions made with Angular

In this blog post I want to show how you can create WebExtensions for modern web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Edge using the new Angular framework (i.e. Angular version 2 and above).

Web Extensions made with Angular

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Fri Jan 13, 2017
5 minute read

Ending the Epic Battle for Overlay Icons

An epic battle is going on deep inside in the registry of my Windows PC. The combatants: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and the allied forces of TortoiseGit, TortoiseHg and TortoiseSVN. The weapons: blank spaces.

Let me explain: As so often, wars start when there are certain scarce or indivisible resources that are in demand by multiple contenders. In this, case, the resources are so called “overlay icons”. These are the tiny additions displayed at the lower left corner of the symbols for files and folders in the Windows explorer, like the small arrow that indicates a shortcut. Some third-party tools like TortoiseGit or Dropbox make also good use of them to show the state of the files in the registry or the cloud, like whether the file has been changed, is not yet synchronized and so on.

Overlay Icons

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Sat Jan 7, 2017
3 minute read

Never Iterate a Changing Dict

Yesterday I noticed a bug in a Python program that only appeared when running it with the new Python 3.6.

A slippery slope

It turned out that the program had been running a slippery slope all the time.

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